About Us

Welcome to POVEY Performance!

‘Helping people live their strongest life’​

Here at Povey Performance we specialise in strength/conditioning and mindset preparation.

Whether you’re a professional sportsperson, amateur or aspiring sportsperson, or just someone looking to improve his or her own performance and general well being, we’re here to help.


Since 2001 we have helped guide and coach sportspeople to levels as high as World Cups, World Tournaments, International Games & National Championships.


Whether training online or at one of our facilities, we work hard to provide you with a network of experienced coaching, programming, guidance and information to help you achieve success.


Our members vary in age, gender, experience, level of competition and ultimate goals/objectives, however the common likeness of all those that become part of the Povey Performance Team is the willingness and hunger to continually improve and develop themselves as well as those around them.

Our Culture

The culture of Povey Performance has been built through fundamental qualities and core values that we’ve lived by and developed throughout our experiences over the years.


Our first hand journey over time has given us a great understanding of the characteristics needed to deal with the physical, mental and emotional demands that are placed upon those trying to achieve strong success.

We believe this experience has given us an advantage in helping our members as well as creating a raw, real and results driven environment.


Everyone that chooses to train with us becomes a part of our culture, and enjoys the support of being a member of the Povey Performance Team.