John Povey

Founder & Head Coach


successful competitor in National and International Full Contact fighting for over 10 years. John has developed a wealth of knowledge in competition as well as the strategies and applications required for success. He has applied his experience and lessons learned over time to build a training culture that now helps others become both physically and mentally strong.


Since then John has helped sportspeople progress from amateur to professional levels and has trained many sportspeople to compete in World Cups, World Tournaments, International Games & National Championships.

John's experience, successful mindset and his ability to recognise a persons strengths and weaknesses are some of the key ingredients to the success he has continually achieved with people over the years.

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John Povey

Rob Povey

Mount Gambier Strength Coach

  • Rob Povey

Rob has been involved in multiple sports throughout his sporting life. Having success at National Level as well as competing at International Level in Full Contact Fighting. He understands the importance of strength training and the different levels of strength needed for different sports. Rob demonstrates the training discipline and mental edge required for success.

These days, Rob implements strength and strongman specific training for his clients.

Through his coaching, Rob applies many of the mental strengths he learned from years of competition to help guide others towards their passions and goals.

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Chris Povey

Bayside, Melbourne Strength Coach

  • Chris Povey

Chris, like his older brothers, has enormous appreciation for the value of strength when it comes to durability/longevity with regards to sport.

Having trained in Full Contact Karate all his life as well as having A-Grade Senior and representative football since the age of 15, Chris has relied upon creating a strong and resilient body that's allowed him to consistently perform and enjoy many years of success.

Chris now continues to train himself as well as lead and coach those around him to live a strong, disciplined and positive life.