POVEY Online

Our customised online training programs are ideal for the person who is seeking to maximise their strength. Everything is progressed and tracked to suit your goals and available equipment.

You have full access to our POVEY Online Education and coaches to help you achieve your goals.

POVEY Community

This option gives you all the benefits of our POVEY Online Education, anytime access to coaches for Q&A and 50% off our online downloadable programs.

Online Consulting

Virtual video/face-time consultations in either 15min or 60mis blocks.

1:1 coaching rates apply.

Contact us for further information.

What is POVEY Online Education?


  • Online video content from our coaches

  • In-depth demonstrations on exercise technique for strength development

  • Video education and technique training for Strongman/Strongwoman implements

  • Tips and strategies for performance

  • Educational videos covering technique, injury prevention, weak-point training, grip strength training, sport performance crossover, conditioning, programming, periodisation and more

  • Access to our coaches through POVEY Community group chat