A Hardened Edge

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

A Hardened Edge

At Povey Performance we pride ourselves on ensuring our athletes and members have a hardened edge towards competition.

What does this mean?

Simply put, a hardened edge when harnessed towards competition is not just a strong and resilient body but also a strong and resilient mind. An edge over the competition in mindset, strength and discipline.

In a world that at times is seemingly becoming weaker and weaker minded, those with a hardened edge always stand out and often achieve what others cannot.

This personal quality is achieved through training, not just physical, but mental.

Confronting challenges and being psycholo tested can create a strong mind, body and soul.

Facing adversities and building resilience through demanding battles will give you confidence, awareness and courage to go after whatever it is you desire.

Those that have bled, endured and ultimately strengthened themselves to the very core have an aura that can be felt as soon as they enter a room. These people demand respect without even opening their mouths. This can’t be faked. This hardened edge is forged through years of suffering and when harnessed for competition this strength of character will make you an intimidating force.

Are you present and honest enough to acknowledge this is something that you need to give more attention?

Are you willing to put in the work to strengthen both your body and mind?


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