Competitive Mindset

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Competitive Mindset

What is a competitive mindset? How does it help you succeed?

Over the last 17 years of training sportspeople ranging from grassroots level all the way to professional level we have found similar qualities to be very common in those that have achieved great success.

One of these qualities is a deep desire and inner drive to compete.

A truly competitive and aggressive mindset that does not accept defeat but also does not shy away from failure and instead treats it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

I have found certain qualities to be evident in those that achieve success.

Sometimes the most successful sportspeople are those you need to pull back! Those you need to reign-in at the right times(particularlyin training) so they don’t hurt themselves.

They can often be the kind of person that won’t stop until they have won or they collapse trying.

They may hold a deep hunger to challenge their inner self, to see how hard they can truly push themselves.

For some individuals, their want and desire to become the very best is all that matters.

For others it can merely be their need to be called the best and to be seen as the best in others eyes that is a driving factor.

Whatever the case and whatever the person’s internal and/or external motivation, this deep drive and competitive mindset is key.

Do you lack a willingness to compete? Does the thought of failure put handbrakes on your desire for success? Do you have the competitive mindset needed to truly achieve your potential?


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