Control What You Can Control

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Control What You Can Control

Team sports are filled with highs and lows. Some are in your control, some not-so much. We often find frustration with sportspeople within their team sports when things are perhaps not going the way they are wanting. Maybe the team is in poor form, or the position their being played in isn’t allowing them to perform as well as they’d like. Perhaps game-time or even the teams tactics have them frustrated with their own influence and contribution. 

If you’re a young sportsperson, with a bright future you’re not always going to get a dream run. To be noticed and sought after for a higher calling you’ve got to put in the work at whatever level you’re currently playing.

Feeling sorry for yourself won’t improve your performance. 

Many of these factors and more can limit young sportspeople from reaching their potential and enjoying the game they love. At the end of the day, things will never go perfectly and the highs and lows of a sporting season are inevitable. 

The key to remaining consistent, playing your role and doing what’s best for the team is to be in control of your own effort!

The effort you give in both training and games as well as your preparation and recovery is the only real thing you can control. 

Consistent effort will stand out in a team that may be struggling or even better, as you will be leading by example, it may raise your teams own standards and ultimate performance.

Regardless of your circumstances, the effort you bring each and every week starts within your mind. If you or the team is down on confidence make the decision to BE confident. It’s a choice! Change your mindset, don’t over-think things and focus on bringing your absolute best effort with you to every single contest.

Make the choice, get to work and leave a positive impact on those around you.


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