Do It Anyway

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Every day we’re faced with challenges. Some days are harder than others. We’re faced with moments where choices need to be made. Often we make excuses for ourselves. We try to justify our reasons for not getting something done. That something could be any variety of responsibilities such as; a scheduled workout, a tedious chore, getting out of bed early, making a phone call or perhaps even just dedicating some time towards meal preparation or beneficial undertakings such as reading or learning.

I’m sure even the most dedicated and highly functioning/successful people still have days where they are tested. But what do these kinds of people do?

They simply just do it anyway!

They do things when they don’t feel like doing them, but not only that, they begin to enjoy these challenges. They start to enjoy the test of discipline, will, dedication and perseverance that is thrown at them.

Attacking these moments and these days without succumbing to the path of least resistance will allow you to find out what you’re truly made of.

Win every day especially the days where you’re tested.

When the thoughts of “I don’t wanna” start to creep in, just smile and enjoy the challenge and dominate the day regardless. It is during this time that you find out if your supposed goals are truly your goals and that irrespective of adversity you will continue to do the things necessary to keep you on the path to achieving those goals.

Rocking up and kicking ass when you feel like doing it is easy. However getting shit done when you don’t feel like it is what counts.

Enjoy the challenges that those arduous days present and go get after it!


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