Establish A Strength Base

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Fighter Michael Dent bench pressing
Establish A Strength Base

Often we find sportspeople wanting to skip the most important step when it comes to weight training for sport performance.

People see the instagram vids and the advanced plyometric and ballistic movements and believe this is how you’re going to get the results, therefore it’s a perfect place to start. 

However if you’re an inexperienced lifter then this impatient method is a bad idea. Yet we still hear of people being taught complex and explosive movements as soon as they walk in the door that will supposably‘transfer’to their sport. 

Sometimes these kids just simply need to learn how to move more efficiently and their athleticism can improve greatly.

One of my favourite sayings is“Youcan’t fire a cannon from a canoe,” meaning you can’t have explosive power if you don’t have a strong structure to generate that power from. 

Unfortunately people are often sold on these fancy training methods because they may feel short-term improvements as their body adapts to the stimulus. 

But at what cost? 

You’re ability to improve some of these movements/measurements such as vertical leap etc will be tapped out by your overall strength level anyway. Plus most of your jumping and plyometric movements are already being performed regularly within your own sport during all your training sessions and games. Yet still some people like to accumulate even more fatigue and wear on the body by constantly replicating these movements all year long in the gym as well! 

If you don’t have a strong enough body with the resilience to handle these loads then you’re asking for trouble and injury down the road.

There is definitely a time and place for this kind of training to be performed but firstly you must establish a strength base that facilitates these training methods.

We prefer a more patient approach towards setting-up our sportspeople for a lifetime of playing the sport they love. Yes time-frames and goals come into play but you cannot rush and you certainly cannot fake strength.

Be patient, build a strength base and enjoy the long-term pay-off!

Rugby player squatting
Establish A Strength Base


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