Form Comes First

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Deadlift technique coaching and education
Form Comes First

With regards to all things in the weight room, form must always come first.

When looking to improve sports performance this is even more critical. Lifting heavy weights with good form transfers over to sports performance far better than lifting heavy weights with bad form.

Maintaining correct body positioning, tension, form and movement through strength exercises will not only help reduce injury but will more greatly transfer the added strength and force production you’ve attained.

Sounds simple, however often it’s common for a competitive sportsperson’s ego to take over control in the gym. Without proper coaching and guidance as well as an attention to detail, an athlete can quite often get carried away in the search for heavier weights and higher numbers at the compromise of quality form.

Being patient, listening to your coach and lifting heavy with superior form will go a long way to increasing your sport performance whilst reducing your chances of injury.

Here are couple of pics of two of our young members learning to deadlift.


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