​​Mindset During Training

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Saofaiga Saemo mindset and focus before she lifts
Mindset During Training

When you get challenged in training by either your coach, training partner, or the workout itself, the internal voice you choose to have has a huge bearing on how you perform.

This subliminal and mental approach towards your training powerfully transfers into how you typically perform during tough periods of actual competition.

It's no wonder then, that people who have trouble coping when challenged in training also have trouble dealing with tough challenges during competition.

I've seen many times where someone allows their own mental restraints, comfort zones and negative self-talk spoil any chance of success. The persons own destructive mindset halts any chance of victory, not the actual challenge itself. This is all too common.

On the other hand I've seen those who face challenges with an open and opportunistic mind. They are the ones that aren’t afraid of failure but instead seek the chance to be tested and challenged. They thrive to continually learn, grow, and strengthen themselves psychologically, so that they are better prepared for further challenges they will inevitably face.

These people often achieve higher levels of performance and success!

Which one are you?


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