​​Modified Strongman Training For Sport Performance

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Modified Strongman Training For Sport Performance

​​Anyone who has entered either our Melbourne or Mount Gambier facilities would have seen the old school strongman equipment made by ourselves many, many years ago.

​​From Super Yokes and Farmers Handles to Logs and Prowlers, we have fabricated and implemented the use of strongman equipment to help best prepare sportspeople for over 13 years.


​​The functional strength benefits that modified strongman training produces for so many sports is undeniable and it’s the reason why we continue to use it to this day!


​​Modified strongman training can be intelligently programmed for sports performance during any phase of the off-season, pre-season and in-season periods.


​​Often we can use it to aid in the structural balancing phase of a program. The ability to utilize loaded carries, yoke walks or sled drags etc, can help show up areas of weakness and also quickly improve them.

​​This training can also be helpful at the end of a long season when the body is beaten up. Adding low intensity resistance through movement can help the body heel and recover so that you’re in a healthier position to then get the most out of your off-season strength training.


​​Modified strongman training can also be used during any strength/hypertrophy phases however we almost always implement some forms of these training methods when preparing someone for a new sporting season.

​​As a new season approaches we like to use modified strongman training to enhance the strength gained over the off/pre-season and transfer it into even greater and more functional strength and power. The improved transfer of barbell strength into sport strength can often be achieved through a variety of heavily functional and powerful strongman exercises.


​​Whether you compete in combat sports or sports such as football or rugby where you tackle, push, harass and wrestle your opponents every week, you will benefit immensely from some form of modified strongman training.


​​Thick handles, axle bars, awkward positions, awkward objects such as stones/kegs/sandbags, heavy loaded carries, log cleans and presses, sledgehammer hits, tyre flips plus so much more can really sharpen up an athlete and enhance the physical attributes and strength requirements needed to not just compete each week but to dominate! 



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