Resetting The Mind

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Resetting the mind
Resetting The Mind

​​Sometimes to reset what we thought was possible we need to smash through our current subconscious beliefs and physical capabilities. At times we need to be thrown into a very deep, dark place to where we feel there is no return, no coming back, no way out. If we dig deep enough, if we pursue the unknown, if we step far beyond our comfort zone, we can unlock something special. 

​​This mental reset can change our perception of reality towards what we consider comfortable and uncomfortable. It can alter our belief of what we once thought to be ‘impossible’ or ‘out of reach’.

​​It can build a strong and resilient mind that can provide us with a new-found platform to propel from…… But, only if we allow it.


​​The likes of Sao, Scotty, One, Sammie & The Boss were all willing to push here and grow from their experience.


​​In these tough moments, in these tests of will and character we can unearth an even greater desire, hunger and determination to push forward and strive towards ultimate success. 


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