The Advantage Of An In-Season Strength Program

Updated: May 5

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The Advantage Of An In-Season Strength Program


An in-season strength program is often the most underrated phase of a sportspersons calendar year. 

​​We often see sportspeople work hard in the gym during the off-season and pre-season periods and then simply stop lifting weights once their sport season commences.

​​This will lead to strength loss as the season progresses as well as the increased chance of injury. Not only that, but with so many sports, the end of the season or finals series is the most important time of the year. 

​​Seeing as this time is the most important wouldn’t it make sense to be in the best shape possible so you and your teammates can have a strong impact during your finals campaign?

​​As competitive sportspeople, we don’t want to limp to the finish line after a big season. We want to be strong, confident and hungry to compete.


​​This is where an in-season strength program has its advantage.

​​The programming and frequency during this program is vastly different from off-season and pre-season programs. It’s important not to overload the athletes during this time as they already have a high workload within their own sporting commitments.

​​Instead we design our in-season strength programs to help preserve the strength we have gained whilst maintaining a durable and resilient body. 

​​In some cases, depending on the initial strength level of the athlete, we can even make great strength improvements during the year. 


​​Running an in-season strength program keeps you accountable and we find those who continue to train appropriately during the season always manage, treat and rehabilitate injuries and niggles as they occur, ensuring they’re in the best shape possible week to week. 

​​This leaves them in better condition at seasons end, sling-shotting their progress into the following off-season program, enhancing development substantially from year to year. 


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