The Advantage Of An Off-Season Strength Program

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The Advantage Of An Off-Season Strength Program

The off-season strength program is where a great majority of progress can be made. With little to no sporting commitments during this time it allows you to have more frequency and consistency with your sessions.

We see a good portion of this time often wasted by sportspeople who take too long to get their ass in the gym after the completion of their season. This program is time sensitive and although a lot can be achieved, everyone’s starting point is different and delaying the opportunity to progress will ultimately limit your results.

Depending on the individual, the initial phases of this program will normally be somewhat corrective to help improve any structural imbalances or injuries that may have occurred during the season.

Those who continue to strength train during the season are normally fast-tracked into more advanced phases of their off-season strength program as they often don’t have as many structural issues.

As the phases progress we can really utilize our time and frequency of sessions to target the areas of improvement needed for the individual as well as the requirements for their sport.

Each area of improvement needs to be respected and given time to develop.

Don’t be the person who sits around on their ass for a few months and then last minute decides to get in the gym and quickly try and train everything at once.

Whether you need to increase your muscle mass, strength, speed, power or technique, it’s vital to make the most of this time of the year so that appropriate attention can be paid to improving your priorities.

Development takes time! So get started early, ensure you follow a periodised and progressive off-season program and give yourself and your team an edge over the competition.


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