Thick Bar Training - Program Example

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Thick Bar and Fat Gripz traininig
Thick Bar Training - Program Example

We like to incorporate the use of varying bar thicknesses in our members programming, especially when training for contact sports or where grip strength is of value.

One example of how we incorporate this kind of training is to start a program with your thickest bar, generally around 60-70mm, then progress to an axle bar before moving to a standard barbell.

Depending on the person being trained the program would look like this:

Workout 1 - 60mm Thick Bar or Extreme Fat Gripz

  • 5sets x 5reps

Workout 2 - Axle Bar or Original Fat Gripz

  • 5sets x 5reps

Workout 3 - Standard Barbell

  • 3-5sets x 5reps

Workout 4 - Standard Barbell

  • 3sets x 3-5reps

We find this style of programming is well suited for people that require more variation in training stimulus to help with their progression.

These people can also often struggle to control themselves when it comes to building weight into a program. They generally go too hard at the beginning of the first workout, which can sometimes give great results, but can also cause progression to stall as well as place them at a higher risk of injury.

Starting with a 60-70mm thick bar in the first workout allows them to still push hard, which fuels their natural instincts, but also automatically keeps the weight slightly lighter than they would have lifted with an axle or standard barbell.

This allows for an appropriate progression into the following axle bar workout where they can increase the weight, generally by 2.5-5kg. Again this fulfils their need to add more weight to the bar whilst again keeping the weight slightly less than what they’d lift on a standard barbell. This results in further progression and a more successful following two weeks of standard barbell training.


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