Warm Up Strategy for Strength Training

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Joe Kimitaunga training with the Yoke
Warm Up Strategy for Strength Training

To get the best performance from your workout you need a strategy for warming up.

I'm not a fan of simply doing a series of generic mobility and activation exercises listed on a sheet of paper, just so you can tick some boxes to show everyone you have done them.

From what I’ve seen over the years, people either rush through them, don’t understand them properly, don’t do them properly, or spend so much time on them that they forget to actually fucking lift something.

There are 2 primary questions you should ask yourself before beginning your warm up.


1) Where is my body at today?

You should ask yourself this before each workout.

To break it down even further in answering this question, you could ask yourself:

Where are my energy levels today?

Do I have tightness in any particular areas?

Any restrictions in range of motion?

Any bumps and bruises from my sport that may disrupt exercise function that I need to consider?

What’s the temperature today and how is that affecting my body temperature?

Where am I at mentally today?


2) What are my specific areas of weakness at the present that will affect the function and progression of this workout?

An example may be issues with thoracic extension causing poor function of your upper back, which needs some releasing and then activation before beginning an upper body workout.

Once these questions have been answered, the warm up you need for your workout should be simplified.

It’s important to note that each warm up needs to be applied in a way that allows you to achieve your training goal & progression for that day, whilst also aiding in keeping your body healthy and injury free.

This could mean that some days the initial prep and warm-up exercises are at a minimum and other days more time is needed, especially when your working sets for the session are heavy.


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