Trilogy Barbell

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Introducing our Trilogy Barbell!

Made by us here in Melbourne.

This awesome 3 bars in 1 design will challenge your grip, forearms and arms far more than any normal-sized barbell. If you are wanting a killer grip and strong big arms then this barbell will work a treat.

You can also train at different cambers and hand positions, depending on how you want to challenge yourself. The 3 handle design allows you to easily extend your set by allowing you to quickly change between handle sizes. No extra bars and plates are needed. Simply max out with the 76mm handle, then onto the 50mm handle and lastly the 38mm handle. By doing this you’re able to place more work and time under tension onto the entire grip and arms.

The Trilogy Barbell is a great tool to add into any strength and size program.

Used for:

– Standing Curls

– Triceps Extensions

– Reverse Curls

– Pull Ups & Chin Ups from a Power Rack

– Scott Bench Curls

– Single Arm Rows from Landmine Device

– Single Arm Curls

– Suitcase Carries and more….

Handle sizes

– 76mm

– 50mm

– 38mm

Weight – 8.5kg

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Here’s a guide for shipping to capital cities for our Trilogy Bar. Simply contact us for a quote to ship to your area.
Melbourne $65, Sydney $73, Canberra $73, Brisbane $88, Darwin $96, Perth $88, Adelaide $58, Hobart $80

These shipping costs are only a guide and may vary in price. Regional areas and other cities will be at a different price. Shipping to residential addresses will be a different price. Shipping for more than one piece of equipment will be a different price. Contact us for more information on overseas orders.

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