Weight Releasers


Like many strength training implements, Weight Releasers (Eccentric Hooks) are one of those tools that if you don’t face them with 100% intent and commitment you will be fed to the wolves.

Blue-collar hard work is how Josh Bryant describes this old school piece of equipment, and it’s one of the tools he used back when he was training to become the youngest person to Bench 600lbs.

Our Weight Releasers have been designed to have adjustments in 5mm increments and are great for improving your Bench Press & Squat.

Weight – 5kg each

Here are a few different ways to train with Weight Releasers:

– 1+2 Method – lower down slowly with the weight releasers, once the hooks release, move up fast and repeat for 2 more reps.

– Singles with a 10sec eccentric phase.

– Cluster Sets with 15-30sec rest between each rep.

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