Professional & Semi-Professional Sportspeople

For professional and semi-professional sportspeople we offer different layers of coaching and guidance depending on the sport, the time of year and how we can best assist in their performance. 

Off-season periods give the sportsperson a great opportunity to work on any structural balance issues, improve strength, increase functional size, or improve leanness in preparation for the start of their pre-season. During this period we can greatly facilitate the sportspersons needs and give them a considerable jump-start into their upcoming season.

Pre-season and in-season periods become quite hectic for most sportspeople. How we use our expertise to compliment their sport commitments depends on many factors. We can improve and help maintain their strength training throughout the entire year, or for shorter periods during the year. We also have the availability for sportspeople to book in for consultations to improve their lifting technique, muscle activation, mobility and recovery.

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Aspiring to be Professional

The path to becoming a professional sportsperson is never an easy one.

There are lots of challenges along the way, and you are constantly thrown out of your comfort zone. The truth is most aspiring athletes simply don't make it. This is where we can help, in fact it is one of our strengths. Our experience, coaching and programming will help prepare you for the step up into professional sport.


1:1 coaching

One of the quickest ways to progress your training is with 1:1 guidance. This service gives you the ultimate experience with us. Depending on your goals and budget there are different ways in which you can use this service.

Here are some options:

  • At planned times throughout your year. This could be once or twice a week, fortnightly, or at the beginning &/or end of each training program.

  • Gain the optimum benefits of having all your sessions 1:1 or grouped together in 1-2 week clusters during important periods of your year. 


Supervised Memberships

These memberships can be paired up with our 1:1 Coaching or as a stand alone training program. We have different levels of membership depending on how often you train with us. Where our supervised memberships stand out from other memberships is with the level of individualised support and guidance we provide to every one of our members. This includes experienced coaching, testing, program prescription & progressive tracking. We also have an online platform and training forum where we add information weekly to assist you with your training.

We also offer privately booked group sessions for teams/clubs.


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