Structural Balance 1

We hope you enjoy the complimentary first phase of our Strength Program for sport. The focus of this phase is to improve the way your body functions by utilising exercises that target specific strength imbalances. The foundations and progressions established in this program and beyond will assist your journey towards greater sports-strength and performance.

Once this program is complete you have the choice to purchase the entire years program for only $90.

This will include all program progressions and exercise videos, as well as access to our members area & mobile app.

Our Periodised Strength Program gives you the ability to tailor your training towards your specific needs.

*Sample picture above is of our rugby program

Workout 1

A1: Front Foot Elevated DB Split Squat

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3010 - Rest 60sec

A2: Lean Back Lat Pulldown - Wide Parallel Grip

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3011 - Rest 60sec

B1: Single Leg Curl - Toes Pointed & In

 - 3sets x 8reps - Tempo 4010 - Rest 60sec

B2: 60º Incline DB Press

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3110 - Rest 60sec

C1: 45º DB Hip Extension

- 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3010 - Rest 60sec

C2: Seated Row - V-Handle

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3011 - Rest 60sec

D1: Seated Elbow Out to Side DB External Rotation

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3010 - Rest 45sec

D2: Rotating Side Bridge - Small Rotations

 - 3sets x 15-30sec each side - Tempo Small Rotations - Rest 45sec

Workout 2

A1: Poliquin DB Step Up

 - 3sets x 15-20reps - Tempo 1010 - Rest 60sec

A2: Seated Face Pull

 - 3sets x 15reps - Tempo 2011 - Rest 60sec

B1: Single Leg Curl - Toes Pointed & Out

 - 3sets x 8reps - Tempo 4010 - Rest 60sec

B2: 45º Bent Over Single Arm DB Row

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3011 - Rest 60sec

C1: Romanian Deadlift

- 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3010 - Rest 60sec

C2: Flat Bench DB Press 

 - 3sets x 12reps - Tempo 3110 - Rest 60sec

D1: 30º Incline Bench Bilateral DB Upper Back Complex

 - 3sets x 10reps each - Tempo 2011 - Rest 45sec

D2: Single Leg DB Calf Raise - Foot Straight

 - 3sets x 12-20 - Tempo 2110 - Rest 45sec

Training 4 times a week
Training 3 times a week