Sports Nutrition

Fuel your mind and body for performance

Nutrition coaching can give you the power to optimise your training, recovery and gameday/competition performance. Everyone chases consistency but not everyone fuels their mind and body consistently.

At Povey Performance we work with you, the athlete, as an individual to incorporate evidence-based strategies that will work best for you both on and off the field so that you can get the most out of your athletic performance.

Stronger, faster, more powerful athletes

From body composition improvements to strategies for performance both physically and mentally, having intelligent and targeted nutrition coaching can increase performance and take already high performing athletes to a whole new level.

At Povey Performance, we provide tailored sports nutrition coaching to ensure you perform at your peak for every game and competition. If you’re serious about your sport and want to realise your full potential, then contact us.

Nutrition Coaching Starter Pack

Starter Pack

$ 400
  • 2x consults
  • Client data collection
  • Goal setting
  • Body comp assessment
  • Personalised macros/kcals for you
  • Energy systems & fuel sources identification
  • Supplement recommedations
  • Premium app access
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Nutrition Coaching Options

Personalised Meal Plan

$ 100/250 1 DAY OR 3 DAYS
  • Food preferences/allergies
  • Scienced based nutrition selections for game days/training days to enhance performance/recovery
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Adjustments as targets change along the way

Nutrition Coaching Weekly

$ 155 per week
  • Individualised coaching
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Weekly body comp assessment
  • Weekly check ins, face to face/video call/email
  • Weekly adjustments for when macro/kcal requirements change
Option 1

Nutrition Coaching Daily

$ 800 per week
  • Individualised Coaching
  • DAILY adjustments for busy and/or changing schedule, including for events/eating out, etc
  • DAILY contact and reviews
  • DAILY support to ensure weekly targets are met
  • End of week body comp assessment & macro/kcal adjustments
  • End of week check in - face to face/video call/email
Option 2

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