Strongman - Strongwoman

Helping people live their strongest life is something we have always been passionate about. This is why we have purposely created our facilities for people that enjoy the thrill of strongman and strength training. 


Both our facilities have a wide variety of heavy duty equipment, which we are constantly building upon.


1:1 coaching

One of the quickest ways to progress your training is with 1:1 guidance. This service gives you the ultimate experience with us. Depending on your goals and budget there are different ways in which you can use this service.

Here are some options:

  • At planned times throughout your training program. This could be once or twice a week, fortnightly, or at the beginning &/or end of each program.

  • Gain the optimum benefits of having all your sessions 1:1 or grouped together in 1-2 week clusters during important periods of training. 


Supervised Memberships

These memberships can be paired up with our 1:1 Coaching or as a stand alone training program. We have different levels of membership depending on how often you train with us. Where our supervised memberships stand out from other memberships is with the level of individualised support and guidance we provide to every one of our members. This includes testing, program prescription & progressive tracking, plus access to our forum where we add information weekly to assist you with your training.

We also offer privately booked group sessions for teams and business.


Follow the link to book in for an appointment or to find out further information at either one of our facilities:

Strongman Saturday Options

Strongman Event Training

This session allows you to plan and pace your own session, either periodised with your own training program or simply planned on the day.

For bookings and timetable click here.

POVEY Strongman Conditioning

This session is an awesome full body workout, perfect for the person wanting a good conditioning blow out. We find most people strength train during the week and then use this session as a great weekend finisher.

For bookings and timetable click here.

POVEY Strongman for Sport - Since 2006 we have trained sportspeople and teams with our POVEY Strongman methods. For more information head to our Sport Strength page.