Success Stories

“I credit my success to John's experience & world class coaching. John is dedicated to developing himself & his business. My continual growth in Rugby is a reflection of that.

Being guided by John has made a profound difference to my training & life.

I couldn't recommend John enough! #TrueStory 👊”

Saofaiga Saemo 

- Australian Rugby 7's Player

- Australian Rugby 7's World Cup Player

“I started training with John at just 16 and over the next few years worked hard on my strength and conditioning, which has been fundamental in my success here in Australia and also in Europe.

I pay credit to John for the discipline I now have with my training.”

Scott Pye

- Professional Supercars Driver

- 2010 British Formula Ford Champion

“I signed up with POVEY Performance last year to increase my strength and power as a Kyokushin fighter. Kyokushin is a full contact, full on martial art and I wanted to become as strong as possible whilst maintaining my weight in the lightweight division. I initially signed up for a tailored weights program but the guys at POVEY Performance have given me so much more. From nutrition advice, to injury management, my fighting career has gone to another level. Last year I was able to win my second National Title and represent Australia in the World Cup over in China.

Michael Dent

- Asian Pacific Lightweight Title

- Australian Lightweight Champion

- Australian World Cup Fighter


“I joined POVEY Performance in 2012 to improve my health and body composition. John's support and tailored approach to my training helped me to achieve real and lasting changes in a sustainable way. I now train to compete in fitness model competitions and highly value John's advice on how to achieve my physique goals. John encourages me to ask questions and learn about different training styles and nutrition techniques so I can find what works best for me and be in control of my own progress and competition prep. This flexible and personalised approach has made my experience of competing a very rewarding and exciting one.”

Tanita Northcott

- INBA Australian Fitness Model Champion

“POVEY Performance has helped me improve my strength and conditioning specific to rugby. To help me achieve specific goals and help reach bigger and better things that I never thought would be possible.

The knowledge they have, to be able to breakdown my strengths and weaknesses has helped me grow. I can't thank the POVEY team enough for not only the support and opportunities they have given me to become faster, stronger, but also the ability to be the best player I could be today. This has lead me to be travelling throughout the world playing rugby and to be noticed for what I have trained for.

The mental strength, belief and guidance I have gained with them has changed me as a person, and has set me up for the challenges to come.

Sammie Treherne

- Australian Rugby 7's Player

- Australian Rugby 15's Player

“John has really helped me both as an athlete and as a trainer. As a basketball player I believe the training took me to a new level and helped me greatly along the way to earning a scholarship to play college ball in the US. I have also never missed a game due to injury since I started training here.

Also, as I am starting my career as a trainer John has mentored me and helped guide me in the right direction”

Ben Shellim

- NCAA D2 Augustana College Vikings Player

- NJCAA D2 Region 8 All-Conference 1st Team & Tournament MVP

- Big V SCM Bulleen Boomers & Melb Tigers Player

“Professional and highly knowledgeable strength coahes.

Ross Carpenter

- Northern Territory Football League Player

- Western Border Football League Player

“Honestly, I don't know where to start, to give thanks to this amazing man!

Before training at POVEY Performance I thought I knew what hard training was all about. I was mistaken.

John has done so much more than assist in my on field goals. I sat down with him to find out my "why" and from that day my life changed! Not only did my performance on the field improve from the physical training but his skills in mentoring have assisted me in all areas of my life. He helped me make sense of the chaos, the distractions, to understand and to focus on the purpose of life - why to get up, which paths to take to succeed whatever direction I choose to follow.

He has integrity, he is professional and he shows respect. He is world class.

I love waking up every morning knowing I am going to learn from the challenges he sets, improving in my sport and in my life. He has become THAT positive influence in my life, the one I continue to turn to.

Being at POVEY Performance is always entertaining and I feel safe and content to be my real self. 

Thank you John for helping me find me!“

Oneata Schwalger

- NRL Player

- Australian Rugby 15's Player

- Australian Rugby 15's World Cup Player

“POVEY Performance helped me physically and mentally. I've been able to grow stronger, faster, and leaner with their help. POVEY Performance has educated me to be more attentive to my bodily needs in order to perform well.

I really appreciate the fact that they've taken the time to understand me personally so that they know how to help me improve where needed, at the right pace, instead of giving me too much to handle.

They've been dedicated to me and helped especially with my sport to become one of the best in Victoria and represent this country. With their help, I've been able to grow so much confidence in myself whilst performing on the field and in the gym. Always showing there is more room for improvement or doing more than I thought I was capable of.

Ashley Marsters

- Australian Rugby 15's Player

- Australian Rugby 15's World Cup Player

“John's commitment and passion to always bring out the best of the Power House players has been one of the key reasons for our continued success and helped deliver a third consecutive first grade premiership in 2008

Power House Rugby Club

- 2008 Dewar Shield Premiers